Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nanna and Papa's

So I realize I completely take it for granted that my parents are 5 miles from us.  We are so blessed to be able to visit them all the time and vice versa...Brian had a case one Sunday after church so instead of our usual family lunch together we spent some quality time with Nanna and Papa.  Nanna bought the girls a cardboard lace project.  Taylor took it very seriously working on her own...and actually Paisley sat still and helped Papa do one.  The tattoos we also a HUGE hit!  But it wasn't until we were walking out the door that Papa remembered a "game" he was saving for the girls.  Who knew empty Perrier bottles and a softball could be so much fun and give us so many laughs!  Especially when the ball gone old and Paisley realized throwing her body into the pins is way more fun--I think we were laughing too hard to get any shots of it!  LOVE our Nanna and Papa and thank God they are so close...especially now that summer is here:-)